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Less aggressive treatments, healthier fruit and vegetables.

Fertenia is a company able to offer a high level of quality for commodities, a wide range of nutritional specialties, BIOPROMOTERS, PHYTOFORTIFIERS, INDUCTORS and STRENGTH ENHANCERS that allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market for both the origin of raw materials, both for the particularly effective agronomic results, all at competitive and advantageous costs to consumers.

The constant control of production made in its plants and the direct management of logistics are additional elements of security and tranquillity for distributors who can offer an effective and quick service to their customers.

Fertenia stands out in the landscape of manufacturers of special fertilizers for the innovative choice of the raw materials used (macerated products and extracts of herbs, protein hydrolysates of plant origin, essential oils of vegetable origin as well).

The use of plants for a healing aim in humans is an ancient practice and today it is living a new period of deep interest again.

In fact, there are many studies aimed to treat the most serious diseases through the use of essential oils and plant extracts.

In this context fits all FERTENIA’s activity, aimed to transfer in agriculture a new methodological concept that is not just nutrition or only defense, but an overall approach that can put the plants grown in the best production conditions and resistance to various pests and diseases with the creation of the first specialist NUTRALIA line: PHYTOFORTIFIERS, INDUCTORS AND STRENGTH ENHANCERS

Proper attention to nutrition, the introduction of this new family of products with methodologies more and more environmentally friendly, are the basic principles of all FERTENIA’s activity that uses and encourages more development and integration of chemical defense programs with alternative approaches and techniques, aimed to reduce addiction to the use of pesticides. (Dir. EC 128/2009).

Be Innovating, dynamic, productive and efficient

in order to create value for those who participate in our activities:
farms, key customer, staff, community; operating according to the healthiest principles of sustainable development and in respect of environmental constraints.

Estratti vegetali

Vegetable extracts and environment respect

Over the last two decades there has been a greater awareness around environmental issues, resulting in interest in agricultural practices which guarantee respect for the environment and the placing on the market of fruit and vegetable products to be free from chemical residues harmful to the consumer.

The passion for innovation and the respect for environment, pushed Fertenia at world's end, towards the search for new substances of vegetable origin for ensuring better health and nutritional status of plants (Previen, Save crop, Stimolo, etc), a better management of soil fertility, and a natural phyto-parasites development control (Tequil etc).

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