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Focus on research, experimentation, innovation and respect for environment.

These are the pillars on which the task of Fertenia is based, characterized by the choice of innovative raw materials and for the new range of Phytofortifiers - Resistance Inductors (Nutralia) and Biopromoters.

For the production of fertilizers, Fertenia uses plant extracts, macerated herbs, protein hydrolysates of plant origin and essential oils.


There is a continual research and experimentation behind the production of formulations and of innovative and natural fertilizers, capable of satisfying the needs of a market more and more careful to the environmental matter and the reduction of the residues.

All our products are tested in different environments and on different crops, in order to evaluate their selectivity and effectiveness.



Once the production is over, a sample of the final product undergoes an additional control to verify its quality and labeling matching.



At the heart of all our activities, we have always prefaced with the need to be able to create and provide farms with technical resources that would allow to improve the quality of the productions (GRAND FERTI', ULTRAFERT, ACIFERT, FOSFO', FITOFOL, UNIFOL, COMPLEX etc.) and solve some old problems of farming companies in the different phonological stages (TEQUIL, PREVIEN, ALLEGO, STIMOLO, SAVE CROP, MATUR UP, etc.)

At the base of the behaviour of all of our business functions (Production, Marketing, Sales, Research and Development) is the ability to listen to farmers ' market operators (agricultural enterprises, technicians; dealers).

In fact, only by constantly listening to the needs of farmers, by understanding agricultural issues that develop with the inclusion of new varieties and the taste of consumers changes, we will be able to give answers that turned into products and behaviors will enable us to meet the needs of our customers.

All our products are subjected to careful study moments which combine to determine a compatible development of the production process in agriculture, as well as their agronomic efficacy.

Detailed experimental plans are designed to assess several environmental and climatic conditions, the selectivity and effectiveness of products. A particular attention is paid to residual tests, in order to avoid negative effects on consumers and the environment.

Extra attention is paid to the development of products that are capable of improving the characteristics of durability and fruit handling (shelf life) without affecting the organoleptic characteristics

For an even more efficient service, from 2013 FERTENIA will provide a new APP, in order to access to all data and information from any mobile device (Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc).

In this way the FERTENIA world will always be reachable anywhere, any time.

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Be open to external collaborations and works in Partnership

We have always considered that move in a global village, which has now become our planet, needs an approach that
takes special care to all existing intelligence and energy.

FERTENIA opens the door to constantly evaluate and carry out projects developed in collaboration with external researchers and with companies operating in neighbouring areas.

Thus anyone thinking to have projects or even just ideas to deepen and develop, can find in FERTENIA a careful interlocutor available to collaborations and partnerships.

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