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          Best resistance inducer among the strategies compared over the

          three years of the VI.SO. Project trials both applied alone and in

          combination with copper.

                                                                  ATTI Giornate Fitopatologiche, 2016, 2,
                                                                  CONTROL STRATEGIES OF DOWNY MILDEW
                                                                  (Plasmopara viticola): COPPER RATE
                                                                  REDUCTION AND ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS
                                                                  D. MOSETTI, C. LUJAN, L. BIGOT, M. STECCHINA,
                                                                  L. MARIZZA, M. PINAT, P. SIVILOTTI, G. BIGOT
                                                                  Perleuve S.r.l., via Isonzo 25/1, I-34071 Cormons
                                                                  (GO), Italia - University of Nova Gorica, Wine Research
                                                                  Centre, Glavni trg 8, 5271 Vipava, Sloveniaz

                               Fertenia at Vinitaly: Interview after the results
                                of the experimentation of the VI.SO. Project.

         In organic vineyard management, cupric                   The results confirmed that strategies with
         products are currently the only technical                higher dosages of copper are most effective
         means effective against downy mildew,                    in controlling downy mildew. Strategies
         with an overall annual use limit of 6                    including  resistance  inductors or  biosti-
         kg/ha of copper metal, and they are also                 mulants gave interesting results in some
         widely used in conventional management.                  cases, but especially when combined with
         In the  2013-15 seasons in a "Merlot"                    copper products.
         vineyard located in the area of Cormons                  On the basis of the efficacy results obtained,
         (Gorizia), an experimental trial was                     it became clear that it is very important to
         carried out with the aim of reducing the                 calibrate the timing of intervention on the
         quantity of copper applied, while maintai-               basis of the prediction of infectious events.
         ning adequate efficacy against downy
         mildew.                                                  Of the strategies compared, Previen
                                                                  (based on plant extracts) performed well
         The  strategies  set  up  included  copper               in all three years, both when applied alone
         limitations of 3 and 6 kg/ha/year using                  and in combination with copper.
         different      formulations         of    copper
         products, but also biostimulants and
         low copper foliar fertilisers placed at
         different times.

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