Fertenia al MACFRUT 2022

Italian producer offers organic fertilizers and biostimulants

In occasione della presenza di Fertenia al MACFRUT 2022 - Fruit & Veg Professional Show - Rimini - Expo Centre il portale FRUCTIDOR ha intervistato il Dott. Valerio Conza in merito alla produzione di Fitoforticanti e Biostimolanti biologici.

Articolo Fructidor per Fertenia al MACFRUT 2022Fertenia is a producer of fertilizers and biostimulants with operations in Italy, Middle East, Central America and South America.

“The company was founded in early 2000 by Mr. Roberto Conza, my father, who works in this sector for 40 years now. He started with the idea to reduce use of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture. That’s why he created NAP05 Technology (nutraceutics applied to plants), the first product line designed for the health and well-being of future generations.”, says Valerio Conza, Marketing Manager

“We select raw materials of high purity and natural origin based on plant extracts and rock powder, taking care of nature and leaving no one behind.”, highlights Mr. Conza

"We have just presented the new catalog, our contribution to a sustainable and vanguard agriculture, in line with the European Agricultural policy directives. Our aim is to develop products that can ensure a better nutritional and health status of plants. We boost organic farming.”, concludes Valerio Conza



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Ufficio agronomico Fertenia
Via L. Giordano 12 - 84092 Bellizzi (SA)
Tel.: (+39) 0828 354461 - Fax: (+39) 0828 355980 - Cell.: (+39) 334 3540747
Email: ufficioagronomico@fertenia.com
Web: www.fertenia.it

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